Engage Bali – Social Media Summit 2016

20 October 2016

In early October 2016 I attended a big social media event called Engage Bali – Social Media Summit by Social Bakers. It was the first event in Asia that invite professionals from all around the world and especially big media companies. The event was held in Bali which is our company based, that’s why we did not think twice to join the event in order to absorb the knowledge and experience from the expert in Social Media field.

Day 1, Workshops

1st workshop from Starhub, Sakshi Prakesh “Social Media Content: What We Can Learn from Competition”
It was common workshop which contain general discussion and basic knowledge to understand your competitor, whether they do good campaign or not, in order to get more reach & impression.

2nd workshop from Socialbakers, Moses Velasco “Content Under the Microscope : Quality, Engagement, Reach, Relevancy. How are They Related?”
this workshop was more interesting than the fist one, but unfortunately it’s not enough time to explain everything in one session. By the way in this session, we were grouped to do the presentation and I was the part of the winning team “Content Nirvana”. It was great time to meet and share experience with guys from Storyhub (Australia), Astro (Malaysia), Astra life (Indonesia), Vocanic (Singapore), Dimo (Srilanka), and Vidio (Indonesia).

Day 2, Main conference

Well, the conference was more about sharing the speakers experience during their works in the company and how social media affected the marketing strategy for company branding and product exposure. Here are some speakers that I really like the most during the conference;

  1. Veronica McGregor (News & Social Media Manager) – NASA
    What were they doing in social media conference? No particular reason needed but this is really cool thing to have them in this event. Everyone knows NASA well, people would love to follow them in their any social media account without need to spend money on promotion field.
  2. Lars Silberbauer Anderson (Global Director of Social Media & Search) – LEGO
    LEGO has been known around the world for years, but they still do social media for marketing & branding purpose in order to increase their sales, as well as creative campaign about #kronkiwongi to drove more customer engagement.
  3. Michael Bouda (Senior Brand Manager) – JÄGERMEISTER
    Love their Creatures of the Night campaign, no wonder it won numbers of local and global awards. Great content combine with perfect timing is important to get reach/impression.
  4. Piotr Jakubowski (Chief Marketing Officer) – GO-JEK
    Indonesian knows GO-JEK well, this startup is always in the news since the first time. Their motto is ‘Brand is not what we tell to consumer but what consumer tells to each other’ as seen from every video ads they created.
  5. Paul Moore (Head Content Producer for Tennis Australia & Australian Open) – AUSTRALIAN OPEN
    Australian Open is very famous event for sport enthusiast around the world specially for tennis fans. Engage with fans or getting more new fans by provide what fans want to see on their social media content is the matters.

We are not using Social Bakers yet for data analytics, but been trying it for 14 days trial. Maybe need full features to understand and improve performance for social media. The workshop was awesome, something that we can’t see everyday. And to meet great people with great experiences is valuable thing – to share the knowledge and expand the network, however 1-2 days is not enough.

engage bali - social media summit 2016

Name Tag, Free insta print photo, Medal at workshops & Towel

engage bali - social media summit 2016

Left to right; Myself, Prakash (Vidio.com), Rubbi (Kompas.com), Jan Rezab (Socialbakers.com), & Dion (Liputan6.com) Wefie after the conference

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